Spell Jar Kit- Confidence
Spell Jar Kit- Confidence
Spell Jar Kit- Confidence
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Spell Jar Kit- Confidence

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Spell Jar Kit- Confidence

Everything you need to complete your spell is included




-Candle for sealing

-Incense stick for cleansing your jar

What is a


The bottles are filled with various magical things, such as Herbs, Crystals and other significant items. They can be used to block or banish negative energy or spells but they can also be used with any intention. These bottles can be buried near the house or hidden in your home. A little bottle can also be worn near the body, like a talisman. Or have it in the car to bring good luck or protection.


1)- Set your intention

• What you would like the spell jar to do for you.

2)- Choose your ingredients

• Herbs, grains, leaves, flowers- Everything from dry herbs you ground up in a mortar and pestle to fresh herbs you grew especially for this spell. Maybe add flowers you picked from somewhere special, or pressed leaves from a spring tree, or dried flowers from a bouquet. • Coins, money, or small charms- If you're doing a money spell you might want to add some coins or cash. For luck maybe a coin with the year of your birth, or a penny you found heads-up, small charms or beads from an old bracelet,

• Egg shells, feathers, bones, snake skins- ethically sourced animal items or ones where there is a personal connection to the animal.

• Crystals, stones, or seashells.

• Intentions, petitions, sigils, or affirmations- Words are power. A piece of paper with something written on it. You can paint words and sigils on the jar as well.

• Oils, tinctures, herbal infusions – try making an herbal blend or tincture.


  1. )- Cleanse items and fill the jar
  2. • As you place each item in the jar speak its magic. Say why you're puttng it in the jar. Say what you want it to do for you. Charge it with your energy, breath, or words. Or leave it out in the moonlight or sunlight.
  3. 4)- Seal and decorate
  4. • After you have filled the jar seal it to make it one cohesive piece. Sealing it with wax is a common way. You can also wrap it in ribbon or string.
  5. 5)- Find a place for it
  6. There are endless things to do with your spell jar when done.
  7. • Place on an altar – to continue working with it
  8. • Bury it in your yard – in the backyard to keep something close, near or around your front door to attract something
  9. • Place in your house- concealed in clothes, in your underwear draw, by your hearth, at the four corners of the house
  10. • Put it in the freezer – to stop or freeze something in place